Our Partners

Dr. Bernd Schmied

Dr. Bernd Schmied is our partner in matters of jurisprudence. He is reliable and an expert in corporate, tenancy, real estate as well as building-contracts law.

Nora Aburumieh

We trustfully approach Mrs Aburumieh (PhD) seeking council or a precise elaboration in the field of corporate law. We appreciate in particular her fair balance between her in-depth knowledge, focus on the essence and accuracy.

Paul Edlauer

Paul Edlauer, court-certified, is a professional real estate agent and property manager with more than 25 years experience. We value his expertise and trust his judgement.

Mag. Gunther Quirchtmayer

Mag. Gunter Quirchtmayr adds his expertise in financial accounting and controlling to our team. He proved his abilities in management positions at various industry-oriented organizations and service companies for many years.

Peter Kraus

Peter Kraus possesses decades of experience in numerous management positions like in trade in construction materials and relevant cooperative groups. ArboriCon collaborates with him to add his expertise to projects in the construction industry.

Dimiter Angelov

Mag. Dimiter Angelov has years of experience as a tax consultant and became the successor of Dr. Spitz after several years in big corporations such as Deloitte, the OeKB (Oesterreichische Kontrollbank / Austrian Control Bank) and Raiffeisen Holding. In this capacity he has worked with us on various internal and external projects in the last couple of years.

Dr. Georg Spitz

Dr. Georg Spitz exemplifies a long-established career (30 years) as tax attorney and tax consultant. He is Arboricon's "Certified Tax Advisor" and as such in charge of Accounting & Bookkeeping.

Otto Kanzler

Otto Kanzler and his OK Management Consultancy are important partners for projects in the industrial and specialized technological sectors, such as biotechnological and pharmaceutical disciplines.

Walter Hüttl

"Akzente" Advertising Agency, respectively Walter Hüttl, is responsible for all corporate graphic design concepts -- logo, web site, brochure and marketing packages, stationery, etc. - and has been Aboricon's partner for several years in this creative process.

Dr. Gerhard Wirth

Business Intelligence, IT strategy and implementation, knowledge management and the evolution for effective corporate organizational structure are important issues nowadays. Dr. Gerhard Wirth (MBA) and INAT Management Service GmbH is our partner in these sectors.

Dr. Hans-Jörg Schelling

Dr. Hans-Jörg Schelling is a well-known, skilled marketing specialist and an experienced authority in solving complex corporate problems. He was with the Schelling Corporation, a management consultancy, and an integral strategic partner of ArboriCon. Due to his new position as Finance Minister of Austria, he unfortunately had to suspend this collaboration. We wish him all the best for this new challenging responsibility and we are proud of the joint projects we accomplished together in the past.