Gertrude Baumgartner - Executive Vice President - Finance

Assumed management responsibilities of the Baumgartner Corporation in 1992 and was co-founder of ArboriCon in 2010. Because of her unmistakable record of experience and success in corporate finance and complex investments, she is fully qualified to provide financial and accounting guidance related to ArboriCon’s consulting projects. Additionally, because of her management and leadership skills, including her adroitness to attract and motivate staff, she is responsible for personnel development. Mrs. Baumgartner has the qualifications to establish, promote and execute clearly-defined standards for profit and loss. Likewise, she insists on accountability. By virtue of her profound knowledge, assiduous functioning, lucid ability to communicate and extraordinary coaching-qualities she is an essential asset to the Corporation.


Contact Gertrude Baumgartner at office[at]
or +43/2742/34 741.